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An attitude of vigilance

On the alert

Understand your Business

Know your Assets

Be Strategic


Every industry has its “special sauce” and unique way of conducting business – but the fundamentals are all the same. Make sure you are focusing your efforts most effectively. Bring in best practices that you may be lacking and get the peace of mind from having an objective outside professional provide you frank feedback and actionable advice. You and your employees are the experts, Alertified provides the framework and objective insight mapping your assets to your strategy and creating processes to keep you constantly Alerted.


"C" Level Consulting


Business Tune Up

Strategic Planning

Financial Oversight and Capital Solutions


Advisory Board Services and Creation

Analysis and Benchmarking


Business Diagnostic

Financial Health Check

Industry Benchmarking


Capital Solutions


Let the Expert source your needs – our broad network will get you the right capital for your business!

Business Planning and Financial Forecasting

Debt and Equity Sourcing

Equipment Financing




Do You Have a Robust Contract Management System?

Have You Missed Obligations or Opportunities?

Centralize, Organize, Digitize, and Get Alerts

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Jason Dauderman

Over the last 20 years I have worked with businesses of all types in multiple industries, sole proprietors to multi-company retail establishments to blue-chip corporations, with the aim of maximizing the potential of their assets: Employees, Processes, Product, and Customers.

My experience in analyzing businesses, creating strategies, developing processes and identifying and selecting the right people has ensured organisations are able to consistently meet changing client and market demands.

Alertified has been developed to enable me to share my expertise with small and medium size businesses, enabling Ownership to bring order to chaos, become financially literate and savvy, develop leaders and managers, and create the foundation for growth and longevity.

What We Do

We assist our clients in creating excellence, teaching them to better understand their businesses and implementing tools and processes to achieve their goals.

Financial Fitness – budgeting & forecasting, “What if” scenarios, capital structure including debt and equity funding, and preparation for sale. Alertified is the expert in financial modeling, development off Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), and sourcing capital for investment and working capital.

Employee Development – True success will only occur because employees are valued within the organization. Culture, fit, training and expectations; do your employees truly understand their roles and how to do their jobs? Do you know employees are doing, are they measured and reviewed accordingly? Does it align with the corporate goals?

Customer Analysis – Customers are the source of real growth. Alertified combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to help our clients create sustainable, organic growth.

Operational Excellence – do you often hear “that is how we have always done it?” Are you meeting “industry standards” but want to exceed industry standards? Why be average, a few firms are always in the top 10% because they take the time and resources to develop their people and processes to create the product customers want.




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Pitch Development
Benchmark / Industry
Financial Forecasts


CFO Lite Package

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15 Hours Consultation
Financial & Strategy Review
Capital Sourcing
Employee Coaching


Business Tune Up

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60 Hours Consulting
Strategy & Financial Review
Employee Program
Operation Efficiency
Competitive Landscape
Strategic Plan
Financial Forecasting


Special Projects

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New product launch
What if Analysis
Temporary Executive
Liquidity crisis
Board Member
Advisory Board Development




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